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Study Period Access to Apps

Why can my child still access the musically app when she is in study mode?

Hi Tamara,

If it is an offline gaming application, these are not blocked by Family Zone, as Family Zone online blocks and restricts internet based online activity.

If it is an online game, there may be an issue with one of your settings on your childs phone

Looking at your profile, it looks like device administrator permissions have been disabled on your FZ one. We need these enabled in order for the filtering to be running efficiently. 

To do this:

  1. Open the Mobile Zone app on the affected Android device.
  2. Tap on Please complete device configuration
  3. Tap on Device Administrator
  4. Tap Activate this device administrator

If this still does not work, please provide us the names of the game apps being used and reach out to us on 1300 398 326 for further troubleshooting assistance.

Why can my daughter get access to game apps during study periods

Hi Melanie,

Great to hear you identified the issue! We usually recommend parents to change the modem wifi to avoid complications like this.

Any problems, let us know.


Hi Roze
I think we've worked it out. For some reason his tablet (yes, Dylan's) keeps reverting to the old WiFI network and not going through the Family Zone WiFi.  So we will focus on removing the network that his tablet keeps remembering. If that doesn't work I'll get back to you.

Thank you!



Hi Melanie,

Are you referring to Dylan's Galaxy Tablet? There are no logs for this device around this time yesterday.

We have a suspicion that the devices may not be assigned correctly. Could you please email us on or call us on 1300 398 326 so we can investigate the issue in real time?

Thank you!


An update - when I look on his routine it says he was last seen at 6:49am, but he is very clearly on his device and it's after school!


My son is sitting next to me playing Clash of Clans, but the routine is set to Sleep.  Can't work out why this is happening, and it's rather annoying!! Any ideas?




Hi Abraham,

You will find them under Cyber Safety on the left hand side menu of your Family Zone account. If you click on Controls, this will then open up Categories and other areas where you can set their access periods.



I have Family Zone App installed on my kid's device. Where can I find controlled social settings to block Unsafe & Be Careful Apps during study time, etc?

Hi Tanya,

Looking at your account, there is only one device listed, which is an iPad. Currently this iPad doesn't have the Family Zone App installed, hence why Musically might still be working.

Please reinstall the App to ensure content filtering can continue.


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