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No member in family zone

Hello, on set up I registered myself and my daughter. This worked well for 2 weeks. Now when I log on to the parent site, there is 0 family members registered. What do I do?

On the Zone Manager app on my phone, I have registered myself, my wife and my son. However when I log onto family zone on the computer my wife does not appear. When I try to add her I can't because 'that email address is not original'. Therefore I can't register her as user of her devices. How can I fix this?

Hi Simon,

As this requires me knowing some personal details such as your wife's email address, I have moved it to our ticketing system and sent you an email.



Hi Michelle,

Looking at your account, there is your own user and your daughter. Is it possible that there is a duplicate account that you are trying to access?

For privacy, I cannot disclose the account here, but the one we have registered with your name is under a gmail account.

Hope this helps.

Roze K

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