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Improve the device list

It is currently very difficult to wade through the liust of dvices to determine which device is which.  It would be far better if they were in a list that included the Device name, FZ Nickname plus the ip address and control the devices for mthis table.

Skydog, which was launched over 4 years ago was implemented like this and was far more user friendly than indivually clicking on each device to try and dertermine whose it is.

Hi Tim,

There are two methods in which you can register the device. One is from the list of connected devices in Portal (which understandably can get quite long), or you can register each individual device through

When connecting through the Family Zone Box, on the Family Network go to '' and select the user, name of the device and what type of device it is.

Hope this helps.

Roze K


That does not help as only shows up the details for the device that you connect to the URL from.

I want to check and administer all of the devcies on my network in a simple fashion.  The table that I have described is a very simple way of doing that. To reiterate I would like to be able to see a list of all devices on my network showing name, nickname (customisable), assigned user, MAC address, IP address and current filter/routine profile.  This infomration is all in the FZ database however it is not in a very useable (admin friendly) state.  Skydog was excellent in this regard (probably why they got bought out.)  Until FZ can come up with a more user friendly way to review and configure individual devices they will not gain broad appeal.  I was very happy to recommend Skydog, but im afraid I cant say the some for FZ.  You are close but just need to listen to customers and fine tune.



Hi Tim,

The functionality of the devices registered within the Family Zone account is something that we are constantly working to improve. 
We always encourage feedback and appreciate your suggestions. We have forwarded the comments you have made here to our developers.

If you're interested in providing more feedback about your experience, we would love to give you a call. Just name a convenient time and we will email you some details. If not, we thank you for what you have provided.

Roze K

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