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How do I block access to anything that has to do with wrestling

Hi Kristina,

It depends on the type of website you're trying to access wrestling from. In general, wrestling would come under our Sports or General category. By logging into the Family Zone account, you can choose to block this under Cyber Safety, Controls and then Categories. Select the time period that you wish to block for a specific age profile.

Alternatively, if you know of specific wrestling sites you wish to block, you can add it to the Sites area under Cyber Safety. This will restrict access to that particular site.

Kind regards,

Roze K

On a similar note, is there a way to block access to particular search terms? i.e. naked girls

Hi Kylie,

We don't currently block key phrases, however this is something our developers are currently researching further into.


How do I block access to a specific app for a particular child?  I have twins who are therefore under the same profile age, but I'd like to block access to Instagram for one child and not the other, how do I do this?

Hi Charlotte,

I'd recommend changing the age profile of one child so that they can have different settings. For example, although they are both the same age, you can assign one to be on a Kids Profile (0-8) and the other on a Childrens Profile (9-12). Unfortunately if they are both on the same profile, they will receive the same settings.


Is there a way of blocking specific apps on a child’s device so that app can’t be used for a certain period of time?

Hi Claudia,

With the current release, we can't block your kids from accessing apps that do not require an internet connection to run.

However, our developers are working on an update which will allow users to hide all apps during sleep time.

We will make an announcement once the new function is released to the public.

When there is an unsafe app identified, is there a way to block access to that specific app without removing it from the child's device. I'm talking about a game and therefore I wouldnt want to block use of all games.

Hi Leah,

We can definitely do this by blacklisting some domains that are required for the function of the app. To do this you can go to Portal>Cyber Safety>Controls>Choose the age profile>Sites>Add site to be blocked or allowed. If you have any trouble finding the domains that block it please give us a call on 1300 398 326 and we can go through it with you.



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