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Clearing the "ToDo" list in dashboard.


Just curious if there is a way to clear the "ToDo" list in the dashboard? Some of the items in my To Do list are not applicable any more because the device related to them is never going to be used in my network again. 

It's probably a usability issue more than anything, I find it annoying that every time I open the dashboard I have the same To Do's even if I have done something about them.

So, my suggestion would be a checkbox and the options of finalising, deleting or editing the selected To Do's. Being able to select more than one and deal with a bulk lot at once would be handy, too.

Hope this is something FZ can come up with quickly :)


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Hi Lee,

Great to hear from you.

Our Portal is currently in the process of being redesigned. I've forwarded your suggestion to our developers and hope they look into it soon!

Kind regards,

Roze K

 Hi, any chance you can remove the red "1" in the "To Do" list to remind us to buy a Family Zone Box.

Cheers Andrew

Hi Andrew, 

There are no plan to remove the red 1 in the To Do list for buying a Family Zone box. We will add this feedback into our customer feedback register for our product team to look at for future iterations. 

Kind Regards, 

Jay H

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