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MDM limitations for BYOD to school devices

Hi. The main reason I signed up was to control my kids iPads when they are away from home. However during install process I discovered because they have a BYOD policy at school we cannot install the Family zone app on their iPads because the school needs MDM software installed to manage all the curriculum content. This is going to be a major showstopper for your application as most schools will need MDM software. Can you pls outline your plans to work with this limitation otherwise the main reason I subscribe is gone. Two houses. Limited control in second house.

Hi Jane,

Our Family Zone App uses two main technological components; VPN and MDM. The MDM is used for device restrictions, much like the school your child attends.

We are aware that many schools use their own MDM, which is why we are already working together with schools to make our product compatible. We have an App Only solution currently in the stages of testing and should be released shortly. Once this has been thoroughly tested and approved, our customers will receive notification of its availability.

Alternatively, our Family Zone Box uses WiFi and devices that connect wirelessly at home can be protected using this method.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Roze K

is there a solution for this yet?

Hi Dion,

The App/VPN only solution is now available for all customers.

During the account creation process you would have had an option to select your child/rens school. This enables Family Zone to contact the school to gain their WiFi details and ask if they have MDM installed on devices that come to school.

If you are aware that your child/rens school has MDM, can you please advise us of the school name and we will update our database. Once updated, you will have a pop up appear when activating the Mobile Zone App asking if the school has a MDM profile installed. By clicking 'Yes" you will be directed to download the VPN only.

Our kids have iPads at school and the school has MDM on these iPads. I use an android to mange. My android shows it is "fully protected by mobile zone app" while the kids iPads show "..... for internet filtering only". I want to be able to control their apps in conjunction with their age & routine.

Hi Johaan,

They are definitely protected fully. Device level filtering is going to work in accordance with your routines and age. Having an MDM is going to do things like accessing the camera, disabling in-app purchases and seeing what apps are installed on the device.



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