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VPN for Windows

For mobile devices you have the MDM profile that forces a VPN used. So when the devices are not on a safe wifi zone all traffic goes via the VPN to ensure content blocking and filtering. At least that is my understanding.

However when using a laptop this option is not available. Again that is my understanding.

So my request is to have an option to have laptops go through a VPN as well. In my case I'm specifically after something for Windows 10.

Hi Jason,

Currently devices that don't use apps would go through the Family Zone Box WiFi. 

A filter agent specifically for remote devices is something that is currently being worked on by our developers.

Kind regards,

Roze K

Look forward to trying it out :)

hi Roze, any update on this ?

Hi Luke,

The Mobile Zone agent for PC is scheduled for release in Q4.


HI Roze,

Q4 being Nov-Dec 17 or Q4 financial year May-Jun 18?

Also will this be another VPN or local filtering? The VPN service is very slow.


Hi Andrew,

Q4 being Nov-Dec this year.

The Mobile Zone Agent will implement local filtering, and therefore is not reliant on sending all traffic via a VPN. This should hopefully clear up any concerns you had about the VPN speed.

If you are concerned about speed issues with the VPN, I would highly recommend scheduling a call back with our customer service team so we can identify any issues you may be experiencing. Otherwise, we can also offer a free trial of our Family Zone Box. If you are interested, we can discuss this on the call.


Our roadmap has the laptop feature being released through our partnered schools in Beta trials this month, with a subsequent general consumer release slated for later Q4.

If anyone on this thread is interested in obtaining access to our consumer Beta programme please contact in reference to this thread. We will happily add you to our list and notify you when we have a version available.


What happens if my son turns the VPN off on his mobile phone? I assume its operating in the background when away from the Family Zone WiFi. Does it need to be turned on when away from the Famiy Zone WiFi?

Hi Henry

Depending on the type of device, if he toggles the VPN off, our App is designed to ping it back on. Parents will also receive notifications (that can be turned on/off within Cyber Safety > Controls > Send Notifications) if the device hasn't been seen for a while, or whether the device has been tampered with.

While they're off the Family Zone WiFi and have the App installed, while they're out and about the App will work in the background. This is automatic and you do not need to continuously turn it back on.


Hello, has your Mobile Zone agent for PC been released yet?


Hello David,

The Mobile Zone agent for Laptop is out, however it is an educational edition release. What that means is that it is intended for school managed devices where the school is the administrator of the device. The usual anti-avoidance features have not been put in yet, but we will be adding them to a future release. Please feel free to give this a read as it may answer some more of your questions.

Kind regards.


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