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Updating apps not allowed?

My daughters profile is set to a 9-12 yr old age bracket. Before installing family zone she could update her game apps and other iOS apps at any time, she now continues to get an error saying verifying server failed when updating apps or trying to update her iOS. If I allow my profile or switch her to an adult profile on her device I can then update apps no problem. Which setting do I need to change to allow her to do this? She has been given access to iTunes and has permission to install apps. Why can't she update them? This is very frustrating.
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Hi Eileen,

Although Restrictions are allowing for traffic, I believe this has more to do with the way we filter categories.

If you could advise me what device she was using and approximately what time she tries to update, I'll be able to check our logs and see if this is the case. 'Required Web' is one of the categories assigned to Apple updates, so this would need to be allowed during the time she wishes to update. If the device is trying to update during sleep time, it won't be allowed.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Roze K

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