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Cannot establsh a secure connection to server

Since installing family zone app on iphone, no access is able to be gained to any internet site. I can't even open safari. It states Safari Cannot Open the Page because it could not establish a secure connection to the server.  There is no issues with our internet at home.  It just relates to this iphone since family zone was installed

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I have been having this same problem since installing the app. Also my son can't use the standard iPhone messenger to send messages.

Hi Craig,

Is this issue happening on any other devices? If Safari isn't working, are you able to use any apps that require the internet?

Steph, is iMessage not working for him? Text should still be able to be sent. Apple traffic is something we are currently working on.

Kind regards,

Roze K

Yes it is iMessage. The only way he can access the internet is when I change his profile to 21+

Hi Stephanie,

It should be able to work during all access times excluding Sleep. During Sleep time, iMessage will not be able to work.

Could you please specify the device, along with the time and day that he was trying to use iMessage and I'll be able check the device logs?

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

Roze K


I am a new user. I have not received my box as yet, however have downloaded the app on my daughter iPad and I phone. Since then  she has intermittent wifi connectivity on both devices. effectively barring her from everything

As I am new I thought that this was the method of blocking the site, however I then for experimental purposes changed the setting to over 21 where I am under the impression that there should be no or very limited site blocking.  

However the problem has persisted.

Another problem is enabling spotify. Which would appear blocked.



Hi Mark,

The Family Zone App should not cause the WiFi to cut out at all. This is something we will definitely need to investigate as internet access across all devices connected should be smooth and seamless. Did you have a time where we can give you a call and troubleshoot this over the phone? I'll then be able to email you some further details.

Kind regards,

Roze K

My child is having trouble with intermittent internet access on her device.I cannot find the reason for this and it is very frustrating for her. Please can you offer some guidance as to why this is happening Pauline

Hi Pauline

Without having more information, it will be tough to give an exact reason why this is happening. Is there any chance of you giving us a call when you have access to the device and we can try to work out whats going on? Alternatively, you can schedule a call so one of our customer service representatives can contact you at a convenient time. 


Hugh W

Hello, I'm new to FamilyZone and we are still having issues with our Wifi connection since installing 3 FZ boxes.  We are all getting intermittent internet access on our phones - it is constantly shifting between the Wifi (normal) or wifi (FamlyZone) with 3G or 4g whilst we are standing just a metre from the modem and FZ boxes.  I went online this morning because we only had it all installed last night - and I have requested a callback today at 7pm but it is now 7.10pm and no one has called.  Do you call within 30 mins of that allotted time?  I am beginning to get very frustrated and I wont tell you how my teenage sons are feeling.... Please call me. Stephanie

Hi Stephanie

Huge apologies that your scheduled call was not completed. I believe that a customer service officer will be calling you shortly to sort out this issue. 


Hugh W


My son's Ipad doesn't appear to be able to connect to any games e.g. Boom Beach, Clash of Clans etc when going through Family Zone. A server connection error keeps coming up. I've had to disconnect from Family Zone to allow him to play. Am I doing someone wrong?

Kind regards


Hi Andrew,

Your age profile controls are currently set to block Supercell cell games (i.e. Boom Beach & Clash of Clans). To allow this please go to Settings > Age profile controls > Children (9-12) > Social Networks and Games and then change the red icons to blue next to Clash of Clans | Supercell Games for the times you want to allow it for. 


Calum M

Consumer Support Agent

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