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Always Allow Spotify

Sorry me again.

Is there a way I can relatively easily always allow Spotify without automatically opening up everything else. I believe it is getting blocked under the Social category in Cyber Safety Controls.

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Hi Jason,

Similar to the Apple traffic, we would need to re-categorise Spotify which would require some further testing. At the moment, unblocking social would be the way to do it, or by adding it into Sites. Spotify is high on our list at the moment as it's something many children use.

Hopefully we can do some thorough testing on Spotify soon and allow you control it independently.

Kind regards,

Roze K

I did have added to sites but it apparently it still didn't work. I'll unblock Social for now. Which should be fine as I can block Instagram and Skype independently. Will see what happens tonight.

If you need a guinea pig for testing purposes I'm always happy to help :)

I did some testing on unblocking Spotify. The following URL's would come up when trying to access spotify.,,,,, and

Unblocking them in sites did not allow Spotify to work however. In the end I only put in sites and I also unblocked the Required Web category. That seems to be working. Having the Social category unblocked seems to allow Skype to continue working (despite Skype being blocked in Social Networks). Still running tests on Skype (it's a pain in the butt).

Hi Jason,

Our Customer Service leader Ross tried to give you a call. Are you still experiencing problems with this one?

Roze K

Unblocking Spotify is working fine. Unfortunately completely blocking Skype is not working. Running more tests now but it seems once a Skype chat has started it cannot be stopped just by blocking Skype in Family Zone. 

PS: Sorry I was in a meeting when Ross tried to call :(

Hi Jason,

When would be a good time to call? I can organise a time any day of the week. We would love to chat with you!

Roze K

It's hard to give times. Really depends on what is happening at work and that isn't always predictable. Generally as long as I'm not in a meeting then I can stop what I'm doing to answer a call. I have no more scheduled meetings this week (thank goodness).

Hi Jason,

No problem. Ross will continue to call you and hopefully get you at a good time.

Roze K


I note this conversation is 3 months old.

Have you developed a simple way to unblock Spotify?


Hi John,

We have not added Spotify to our controls area yet, however you can add it in the sites area within Cyber Safety.

We are happy to give you a call and help give direction as to how this works? Just name a convenient time or schedule a callback with us.


I would also like to unblock Spotify (website/s and iPad/iPhone app) for our family. Can you tell me how?


Hi Amy,

Spotfiy comes under the Entertainment and Streaming Media category. You can either allow these Categories for the times you wish your child to access them, or you can simply add it to the sites area. You can do this by following these steps:

1. Open Cyber Safety in your left hand side menu
2. Go to Controls
3. Click on Sites
4. Select the age profile your child comes under
5. Add site to be blocked/allowed (in this case, it would be


Thanks Amy that was very helpful.  


I am having problems unblocking Spotify despite Adding as an allowed site and unblocking the Entertainment, Streaming and Social categories.  

Any clues?


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