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Always Allow Spotify

Sorry me again.

Is there a way I can relatively easily always allow Spotify without automatically opening up everything else. I believe it is getting blocked under the Social category in Cyber Safety Controls.

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After deleting Spotify as an allowed SIte in all of the profiles and then adding it again as an allowed site Spotify, it is now allowed. Maybe a case of confusing the Family Zone server with too many changes. 

Hi Lisa

Thanks for your posts. Im glad to hear you got it working. I will have a look and see if there was anything going on with Spotify that would confuse our servers.


Hugh W

Hi there.

I have tried deleting Spotify from the allowed sites and then adding it again as an allowed site. Spotify still does not work. Any other suggestions to make it work?


Hi Rohan,

Thank you for your email,

I have found allowing the following allows Spotify to work:

If listing these sites as allowed is ineffective, unblock advertising if using a free version

Spotify was working on my kids' iphones and now it's not.  I've tried everything in this thread to unblock it.  I've uninstalled familyzone on both phones and tested so I know that spotify works without familyzone.  I've added all of the sites above to the allowed list for the relevant profiles.  Please help!

Ok - so I've resolved this now.  For anyone else searching for the solution - there must have been an update to the way social network sites are controlled and allowed (or not).  In the portal you need to 'allow' Spotify as a social network in the Cyber Safety section.  Go to Cyber Safety - Controls - Social Networks (from top tabs) - and then find spotify in the relevant age group list.  Allowing spotify from here has worked for me.

Hi Jamie,

Yes, this is a new feature and it makes it easier for people to block and unblock it at whim.



Even with this specific setting in Social networks Spotify is still being blocked for me? Is this still affecting anyone else?

Hi Pieter,

I've had a look into this and I can't see any reason for you to be blocked from Spotify. Can you please try again for me and let me know if it is still occurring? And if it is, what device and the date and time, please.




I ended up doing ALL of the actions suggested throughout this thread and it worked for me (the most important being to unblock spotify from the appropriate age profiles for all the time profiles).


Hi Jamie,

Thank you for letting us know that!



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