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Always Allow iCloud

Just started using Family Zone and have noticed that iCloud backups are getting blocked at night for my daughter (12). What would be the easiest way to make sure iCloud backups are always allowed?

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Some of the URLs are,,,,

They all fall under the technology or web storage categories. Which I assume I can unblock by allowing Social and Required Web under Cyber Control Categories. However that may open up other unwanted things.

Basically I want to make sure things like iCloud backup and syncing happen overnight as well as any iOS updates.

Thank you for the post. 

It has sparked a discussion within our team and we are going to do a review of all apple services and domains, to see if we need to re-categorise any of them, to give parents greater control.

Once this review is done i'll give you an update, to let you know about any changes we make.

Kind regards,

Ross K

Oops Hope I didn't create to much extra work o.O

For now I've added the URL's into the Sites section and unblocking them. That seems to be working. I'm still very much in the early testing stage and just received the Family Zone Box today. So far I'm very happy with the whole setup. Much better than anything else I have tried and I've tried almost every option out there.

Hi Jason,

Not at all! Apple services and traffic is a high priority on our list at the moment.

Happy to hear things are working smoothly for you so far. Please feel free to keep us updated with your testing by emailing

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Roze K

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