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one of the challenging things about control is explaining to the user affected, what something happened. mY kids drive me crazy always asking 'why has this stopped'

e.g. I can browse, now I can't. Its hard to prove there isn;t a fault, but its just that the restrictions have kicked in (play -> school). so, we need better explainations (in seems like a logical place)

Also the poor messaging around why a site is blocked also needs to be improved. tech messages are good enough, cryptic messages are worsse.. 

Its vital to think like a non-IT person. any message need to be able to be understood by your your grandmother. A click for further info could reveal the full tech info.

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Hi Jacqui,

I've answered the suggestion you made about notifying children of the remaining time in this forum. We haven't had this request before, but can see the value it holds for yourself and other parents.

Currently we explain why a site is blocked based on its assigned 'Category' and offer further information within the Category area of our Controls. If you wish to view these, within Portal go to Cyber Safety on the left hand menu, click Controls and then Categories. Selecting a Category will list whats included within that Category along with a description.

If you are ever curious as to how a specific site is Categorised, you can use the Research tab under Cyber Safety.

Hopefully this provides you some additional insight into our services.

Kind regards,

Roze K

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