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Games/App Restriction

How do you restrict access to games?

I'm still able to access games on the iPad even though it's school day,

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Hi Jonathan,

I've had a look through the logs and I cannot see any logs for access the McDonalds app and also cannot see any reason in your categories that would be blocking it. I would like to go through this over the phone at a time when you have the device with you, please give us a call on 1300 398 326.



family zone has blocked all social apps and even a Mcdonalds work app, how do I adjust settings for the box wifi internet

Hi Chris,

I've checked your Family Zone account and can see your Categories are set up correctly, so would like more information. Firstly, is it a game that requires online content? Secondly, if you click Cyber Safety on the left hand side of your account, then select Research, does it come up as a 'Games Category'?

If its easier for you, I can give you a call to check the current settings together. Just let me know a convenient time and number to call.

Kind regards, 

Roze K

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