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I was just wondering if the Family Zone box can be directly connected to an NBN router as it was done with the 4G router?

Hi Melissa,

We have a release coming up where you will be able to connect directly into the NBN router. In the time being, you can connect the device like so:

NBN -> ethernet cable -> Modem -> ethernet cable -> Family Zone Box.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Roze K

Hi Rose,

Do you have an update on this feature as I now have cable internet into my house. I've got 100MBIT sitting there taunting me and I need to connect to it


Peter W.

Hi Peter,

You can still use your service as per normal, however the way its connected will be slightly different. Have you experienced any speed issues with Family Zone setup as mentioned above?


Hi Rose, I haven't connected the fz box to my new internet connection as I don't have a cable modem I was hoping I could plug my fz router directly into the cable modem. Cheers, Peter W

Hi Peter,

You can plug the Family Zone Box into a cable modem when you obtain one.


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