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Newe box wifi


I have installed a new box, activated it, and created 3 X wifi networks as per the instructions (guest, kids, unfiltered).

Problem: the only network that is connecting to the internet is the guest network.  Please help!

Below are the basic settings:


Hi Roze,

Thanks.  I am away from home for a few days, so I will reboot the box when I am home & see what happens.  If I have further issues I will get back to you.



Hi Chris,

Looks like an unusual circumstance! If you have three networks enabled, all of them should broadcast with no problems.

I've tried to give you a call to troubleshoot further but was unable to reach you. I'll try again later on today, otherwise you can schedule a callback through your Portal. Login and use the 'call back' option on the left hand side.

Kind regards,

Roze K

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