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New box set up


I have just plugged in my new box, but missed the set up wizard.  I would like to set up the times that control the usage of devices throughout the house, but can't see where to do this. Please help?

Many thanks.

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Hi Jenny,

I can see the Box is active on your account, so there's no need to activate it again. The area to change routines can be found under the the user. When you log into the Family Zone account, click on Dashboard then the user you wish to view. This will bring down a number of options such as settings, routine, calendar, devices etc. Click on Routine to view the current settings. You can change any day to be more applicable to your childs' routine by clicking the spanner next to the day type.

To then understand what is blocked or allowed during certain access times, go to Cyber Safety then Controls in the left hand side menu. Categories will elaborate on what types of sites or apps are allowed during access periods.

To further understand Routines and Calendars, click here to view a short video.

Kind regards,

Roze K

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