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Activation Key

Hi I have the app and registered but have no activation key when logging in?

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Hi Lindsey,

You can retrieve an activation key from within your Family Zone account. This helps assign the correct user and settings for the device from Portal.

Log into your account through Once you're in, you should either land on the Getting Started page or Dashboard. If you're on the Getting Started page, the box to your far right will take you to retrieve an activation key. If you're on the dashboard, you can click the on the phone icon in the top left hand corner of the yellow toolbar and this will take you to the same area.

If you need further assistance, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Roze K

Hi Recently signing up with ovo, we have recieved family zone account with each of the two new (kids) phone plans. I've registered online and recieved an activation key For one child's account, but can't seem to activate the other account ...?

Hi Christian,

The OVO promotion allows for 1 free app service as stated in the Terms and Conditions. To cover more than one device, you will need to convert to a paid plan.

If you need further help, please give us a call on 1300 398 326.


Thanks Roze I have two seperate OVO accounts (ie one per device) and therefore assumed that each was afforded a free app service per plan; not one per account holder

Hi Christian,

No problem! Did you need our assistance in activating the app on your device?



I entered the activation key for the app installed on one device, went through all sorts of hoops to allow constant monitoring of my phone, and now when I come back to the app, I'm asked again for an activation key.
When I enter it, it gives me an error message. :-/ 
I then generated a key again and seem to be taken on the whole same procedure again...!
I'm in Toronto, East coast of Canada.


Hi Caroline,

Just to clarify; the Family Zone App is designed to be downloaded on the childrens devices to allow for the filtering. Have you downloaded it on your device to allow for borrowing? If not, then you don't need the app on your own device.

Can you please uninstall the app and reinstall to see if you receive the same error? Please also ensure that the MDM profile (the one in your screenshot) has been completely removed before trying again?


Hi Roze,

Yes, but I thought I could also control Family Zone settings as a parent from an app.  Is that not the case?

If the app is only to be installed on devices to be controlled, how will it work there, since the way it worked on my phone was to prevent any sort of data access.   I thought it would just use rules defined in the portal for that user, not block out all data...



Hi Caroline,

You can, however it is a different app. The Mobile Zone app is designed for childrens devices, while the Zone Manager is for parents to access their account.


Thanks. I do not find it on a search on the US app store unfortunately. Only the mobile Zone app comes up... :-/
I did not find any of those apps are available in the Canada iOS store.

Hi Caroline

Mobile Zone is the one you are after. That will filter the childrens devices. Zone Manager is the one for parents.

Please let me know if you have any issues finding it.


I have also not been able to sign up the two different ovo accounts on the same account. I also thought that this was included per ovo account sign up. Can i get an additional activation key?

Hi Daryl,

Unfortunately, due to limitations with OVO packages, only one licence is allowed per account. The solution for this would be to have two accounts, or to sign up to a Family Zone subscription for $5.95 per month and have 6 licences under one account.


Katie B

Customer Service Officer

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