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Increase range of "device types".

OK, I know, this isn't a massive priority... :-)

Feature Request 1:

But if you could look at increasing the "device types" and associated icons, it would be appreciated.  I like to have a clean and orderly dashboard.

There is no consideration of Windows Phones (such as my Microsoft Lumia).  I get stuck with "Other" and an ugly icon with a question mark in the middle.   Can you make a device-type that at least says "Smartphone", and an associated icon that looks like a phone? See Attachment labelled "Capture".

Feature Request 2:

Can you please add a dropdown selection in the device dashboard that will filter to all "unknown" devices?  Currently, the only way to do this is to select "All Devices" and try to ignore the known family devices.  I want to be able to "clean up"  all these devices and delete them in bulk (there are quite a few).  I can't seem to find a way to quickly identify, select, and bulk-delete all of these unknown and blocked devices.

Thanks team!

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Hi Matt!

Happy to hear from you. 

1. Since the operating systems we deal with predominantly are iOS or Android, those icons are what we currently have for phones. I'll certainly request the developers look into more icons for phones and other devices that are connecting through the box.

2. I'll ask the developers to implement a tool that will make the distinction clearer. On a side note, does it help when you click the box 'unprotected' or 'unregistered' at the top?

Thanks for the feedback and take care.

Kind regards,

Roze K

Requested features will really be helpful.  

Feature 3: 

Also add the option to sort the device list by name or do this by default.  Current list is a real mess once you have a bunch of devices. Grid view could also help.


Hi Ben,

Thanks for that, I'll put it forward to our developers.


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