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Access to UTube

 Is there a way for my child to have access to u tube, apart from removing the total age restriction? Can u tube content be filtered?

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Hi Susan,

You are able to control YouTube through the Cyber Safety area. Once you're logged into your Portal account, click 'Cyber Safety' on the left hand menu then 'Controls'. This will open up five tabs, one which is 'Social Networks'. Within this list you can select YouTube to be blocked or allowed at certain times.

Content within YouTube will already be filtered through our restrictions.

Kind regards,

Roze K

my kids seem to routinely bypass Family Zone.  all they do is log in to our router with a  previously known password and the family zone box doesn't seem to do anything.

? whats the solution??

Hi Mark, 

We would advise parents to change the login details to the modem, as well as the modem WiFi password. This means the kids won't be able to log in and make any changes themselves, as well as force them to re-authenticate to a new network when you change the modem WiFi.

Kind regards,

Roze K

My kids seem to be able to delete Family Zone off their devices (phones), I am not being notified until I log into portal and see the red mark against their devices.  How can I stop this from happening without having to get my hands back on their devices?  I have changed the original wifi password, (I will do again today, my sons computer had accessed it via me, perhaps it is remembering and reconnecting automatically and they are changing something that way?)  Also, I am finding the FZ modem does not have good coverage around the home like our original modem does and kids are finding it difficult to stay connected.

How can I manage this?

Hi Kylie,

Along with the alert in Portal, you should be notified with an email if a child has deleted the App. By default, the Alerts are active within our Controls area. To check this, go to Cyber Safety on the left hand side, Controls and then Alerts. If they are active, we will need to investigate further as to why you are not receiving notifications.

If you have changed the modem wifi password, then all devices connected to that network will need to re-authenticate. Once Family Zone is implemented, kids should no longer be accessing the modem networks, however parents are still able to use it. Provide kids the Family Network as they should only be using this in order to get filtered. Another suggestion is to change the modem default login to make sure they cannot make changes to the modem from other devices.

The Family Zone Box is a router and you can adjust some of the advanced settings through our Portal. Once you are logged in, go to Home Network down the left hand side and select WiFi. You can then access the Advanced Settings and increase the range through here. 
This solutions article provides you a brief 'How-To'.

Kind regards,

Roze K

Hi, since installing FZ on the shared family laptop, my wife has been unable to send & receive emails. She has tried using the 'Borrow' method but without any luck. Could you please suggest a solution? Thanks, Chris.

Hi Chris,

We definitely want to ensure that your wife isn't hindered by Family Zone from activities that she needs to.

Are you connected wirelessly or with an ethernet cable to the laptop? Usually these type of events are easiest to troubleshoot over the phone. If you schedule a callback, we can help you in real-time.


Family zone is so trash honestly go destroy it. Whenever i'm playing a game with my friends (fortnite) all of a sudden my internet access drops out in the middle of the game. There should be some warning system on the darn thing. Also, the most annoying thing is when you miss your family zone games time and you get no more. There should be an option to bank up time for the day, and at the end of each week all banked up game time resets to zero, because otherwise when you miss game time there is no getting it back, so you suffer for the rest of the day because you cannot even contact your friends to see them or hang out(because it literally blocks all internet access, not just certain stuff.). Please add a warning feature so i can at least say goodbye to my friends when i am playing instead of randomly leaving, and then when i see them the next day they bombard me with "why did you leave" and i am left looking like an idiot because I do not have an answer to their question.

Sincerely, I Hate....... Family Zone

P.S. Family zone should add these features I have suggested in this article.

Family zone is shizenhaagen because it has to approve before it is in the forums lol what bullsh


I am assuming that the controls have changed slightly since the above instructions were issued.  Where about is the 'cyber safety' area control?  Aslo is it possible to restrict you tube to 'play' only unless asked for in study time? Also how to enable roblox for someone 12-13, also only in play time.




Have the controls for 'cyber safety' . moved in the past few years since the advice was given above?  I would like to know how to enable you tube only in play time for a 14 year old, also how to enable roblox only in play time for a 12 year old.

Many thanks,


Hi Tammy,

To access the controls for Roblox, please follow the steps below.

1. Login to

2. Select Settings on the left-hand side

3. Select Age Profile Controls 

4. Change the first tab at the top of the page to the correct age profile for the child you want to filter

5. Change the second tab at the top to Social Networks and Games

6. Go to Page 2 and you will see that Roblox can be allowed/blocked for the different access times

Kind Regards,

Zac Jones

Family Zone

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