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"Teensafe" type social media content monitoring

A US-based service called "Teensafe" utilises iCloud backups of iPhone activity to enable a level of monitoring of social media discussion through a variety of apps.  It has enabled me in the past to help my kids manage their 'digital persona'.  Are you familiar with this kind of service, and are there any plans to enable FZ to incorporate this level of monitoring?

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Hi Bill,

Yes! We have some very exciting features coming in the first half of this year. Although I can't give out specific details, our technical components will have this kind of potential and our accessibility will have a larger scope.

Watch this space. :)


Roze K
1300 398 326

Has this come out? How would we access it?

Hi Leah,

At this time we are unable to monitor the actual content of social media apps.



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