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Control the online hours

The main reason I wanted to use FZ was so that I can control the total time that my teanager spends online daily.  I want to give her the freedom to choose when she goes online between 3pm and 9pm but I would like to restrict it to 1 hour for weekdays  I would also like to restrict weekends to 2 hours between 9am and 9pm.  She would have the freedom to chose to use as and when she wanted within the time zone but the minutes online would be restricted to 60.  Is that possible with FZ?

I suspect I will be seeking a refund if it isn't.  It can't see it being practical for me to only provide a couple of 1 hour timeslots on a Saturday. If I set it as 7am to 7pm (as currently recommended) for a relax day she will be on there for long periods as is her current habit when I'm not around to say something.

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Our weekends and weekdays change regularly, this idea would work very well in our household.  I can then include a blocked (sleep) time for the hours I need her to be part of the family and help around the house with chores etc.

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Would like to be able to block during school hours (except limited access at lunchtime) but want it blocked till after school.  Then accessible for a set time and then blocked again during a"homework or study time"    A routine of access would be fabulous

Hi all,

At the moment, childrens' access time is based on a weekly routine. Within this routine, you are able to set time periods for Play, School, Study and Sleep. You are able to manage what you wish to have blocked or allowed within these time periods, or leave it to our default age appropriate settings.

Accumulative time (ie. only allowed 1 hour per day, no matter what time of day) is not currently part of our service, but it is something we have had many people enquire about and definitely looking into. Watch this space!

Kind regards,

Roze K
Customer Service Officer
1300 398 326

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Is there any way to more simply indicate holidays as 'relax days' other than three clicks (day, relax, OK) per day per person. It will take me all holidays to change it all!! (yeah, I know that is an exaggeration). I tried holding shift down and it seemed to click chunks of days but then when clicking 'relax' it reverted to just one day.

Same here. I only want to restrict the total time online per day, especially now on school holidays. I don't care when my son chooses to go online, I just don't want to be telling him to get off all day long as I currently am doing. I'm struggling to work out how to change the daily routines as they don't suit us at all at the moment. 

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This is just a response on your (Megan) question at the end on changing the routine. I am just a newbie on FZ so only exploring all this. I found nothing seemed to happen when I wanted to change routines. I found in the FAQ at the bottom of this page  , a clue. You need to first set 'sleep' for the entire day and then add the various periods of other types of time. I just tried that and it worked. Of course it does not have the flexibility the other comments in this thread are asking for but it might help in the meantime.

Hi all,

Happy new year! Apologies in the delay getting back to you, our office has been closed and we are now back in full swing. Just so you're all aware, you are able to call 1300 398 326 and someone can assist you in real time. 

Andrew, within the calendar option it can allow you to set specific dates where you want to apply multiple relax days. For example, click on the user in Portal, select Calendar then click the day you wish to implement (in this case relax). By clicking multi day, this can help you set holidays for a number of days without having to do them all manually.

Megan, we don't currently offer 'accumulative time' restrictions, however this is something a number of customers have enquired about and we will be implementing it in the future. If you like, we can give you a call and help set your routines over the phone?

Hope this sheds some light on your questions.

Kind regards,

Roze K
1300 398 326

Hi guys, i have tried to edit the "school hours" routine as my son goes to school after 9am, but finishes well before 3pm. is there a way of editing the routines? or are these currenly set, and you just choose between the 3 options. thanks, and kind regards Daniel

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Hi Daniel,

Editing routines is more of a paste over what is already set rather than an edit what is already set. To minimise the "School" period, you'll need to extend the access period before and after the "School" period.

We'd be happy to contact you at a convenient time to explain this more if you'd like.

Kind regards,

Kate G

1300 398 326

Hi there

I have routines set but I am very confused.  Do I need to allocate apps to be allowed in each type of session?  My kids can still access all games no matter what the setting?  I think something may be set up incorrectly and I'm not sure how to fix it?



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Hey, I have the same question as Janet Heunis

Hi Janet and Noeline,

The routines you create will reflect whatever controls you have set up. By default, every age profile has Family Zone settings, however you can change these at any time. If you go to Cyber Safety on the left hand side, then click Controls, this will bring up our Categories area.

The example I generally use is "Gumtree", which would classify as a Sales category. So within this area, you have the option to block or allow ALL sites that would come under a sales category during School, Study, Play or Sleep.

The next tab along deals with specific sites. Lets say you want ALL sales sites blocked during School, Study, Play and Sleep but you still want Gumtree available at all times. You can add Gumtree here on the 'Sites' tab.

Social Networks gives you the ability to deal with specific apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and so on. Kids use these regularly which is why we have given parents the ability to deal with them separately.

Lastly, if you believe your children are playing games when they shouldn't be, check their Categories settings for Entertainment, Games and Social to see if they are blocked or allowed.

If it would be more convenient for you, I'm happy to give you a call to explain all this over the phone. Otherwise, if you have any further questions please let me know.

Kind regards,

Roze K

Hi, Im a new user and still trying to set up FZ to suit my family.  I had hoped to be able to have a time restriction put on my kids phones per day like Stephen has explained.  I am reconsidering now as I think this system is a little too complicated and very time consuming to set up.  Also, I am having trouble installing the app on a couple of my kids phones.  I use Apples Family Sharing, is FZ compatible with it?



Hi Kylie,

Sorry to hear about the troubles you are experiencing. I'm happy to organise a call for you if you need some guidance.

Our device controls are compatible with Family Sharing. Depending on the level of control you currently have, some settings that Family Zone provide may override. It's a bit tricky to explain here, but if you choose to have a call organised, we can easily explain it over the phone. Otherwise, you can call us on 1300 398 326.

Kind regards,

Roze K

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