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Control the online hours

The main reason I wanted to use FZ was so that I can control the total time that my teanager spends online daily.  I want to give her the freedom to choose when she goes online between 3pm and 9pm but I would like to restrict it to 1 hour for weekdays  I would also like to restrict weekends to 2 hours between 9am and 9pm.  She would have the freedom to chose to use as and when she wanted within the time zone but the minutes online would be restricted to 60.  Is that possible with FZ?

I suspect I will be seeking a refund if it isn't.  It can't see it being practical for me to only provide a couple of 1 hour timeslots on a Saturday. If I set it as 7am to 7pm (as currently recommended) for a relax day she will be on there for long periods as is her current habit when I'm not around to say something.

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Hi. People have been talking about this feature on this thread for two years now. Katie B mentioned above that she would add it to the list of potential future features but previous posts indicate that it is under development. Could you please advise which is the case? Its a great idea and would solve many family arguments as it is very difficult to restrict a child to 2 hours of screen time per day over a weekend and half an hour per day during the week when they don't have regular routines. Disney Circle does this well.

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for your enquiry. This is under development and I do add every request to the features request list for a guideline as to how in demand a feature request is, when we have an estimated time of delivery we will let everyone know.


Katie B

I think your advertising of this product is quite misleading. It suggests you can control the amount of time kids can be online but fails to mention how rigid this control is. It is true you can control the time, but the time must be set in rigid increments not a total overall time limit. 

If you are operating from a strengths-based approach you should be able to allow a child self-monitoring to choose the time in which they engage with the device. The total amount of time can be then controlled or relaxed by the parent depending on the level of self-regulation the child is demonstrating. Ideally, if kids were perfect at self-regulation there would be zero need for your product. They obviously aren't great but you also want the flexibility to allow some self-regulation, especially as they get into the mid-teens. 
 If you wish to make this product truly useful I suggest you hurry up and figure out how to do this. For over two years you have been saying it is on the lest of things to develop. So develop it or lose customers to products that will.

Hi Renae,

I'm sorry to hear that you feel mislead. We'll add this feedback to the developers.


Katie B

Hi. Can we get an update from the development team regarding this feature? Is there a realistic ETA for this feature? Thanks Troy

I'm missing something - " If you go to Cyber Safety on the left hand side, then click Controls, this will bring up our Categories area." I cannot see this at all.  Is it in the 'one month trial' version?

I would like to know what the defaults for each age group and category are, and can't find them anywhere.

Also, as with everyone else, would like to know when will cumulative online time be a thing?  This is highly recommended by all the so called experts, so this system is really lacking without tackling it. Has it really being worked on for the last 2 years?  It must be very close to being released if that is the case.

I am finding it quite difficult to navigate on my first day.  In theory it sounds great.  A friend who told me about it says she will need another 1/2 a day to set it up properly.  Sounds a bit over the top but now that I am looking at it, I can see why.  

Hi Dianne,

The instructions above were given during an old design of the Portal site. This has now been changed and the area you are looking for is now under Settings > Age Profile Controls in the left hand menu. The two dropdown menu's at the top are used to select the age profile you want to review, and the type of control you want to view or change.

You can revert to the default settings by clicking the "Restore Defaults" button, or to simply see the changes you have made, click the  "Show my overrides" button. Both are located at the top of each category section.

For the cumulative time issue, we have been working on it for the last two years but unfortunately during that time, the OS manufacturers have moved the goalposts several times causing us to go back in our design and coding which has extended the amount of time we spend developing it.

If you are still having issues to do with setting up your profile and devices, please feel free to go to the Support section of your Portal and book a callback for a time and date that suit you when you will have the devices to register and test with one of our Customer Support Team.


Katie B

Customer Service Officer

I totally agree with the idea of an overall limit to the time spent on e.g. social media or gaming. Our routine changes day to day and the most useful control I want is to be able to restrict overall time spent on these sites, not just create bands of suitable time with no limit within these bands. You're missing a trick here FZ if you're not prioritising this. 

Hi Bronwen,

As Katie advised to another customer on this forum post, A 'ticking clock' element is by far one of our most requested features and we are keenly aware of this. Our developers are definitely taking steps to implement such a feature but the technical side of a feature like this keeps increasing the development time. In addition other programs such as Screen Time for iOS have exploits and flaws that we do not want to replicate in our version of the product, so we are working to iron them out and create a robust and exploit-proof addition to our existing service.


Jayden T
Customer Service Officer

Any update from the developers?

Hi all,

I have replied to this same topic in another forum post, please see the quoted text below:

Firstly I would like to apologise in the lack of reply over the last few time a post was made. Secondly, I would like to give a definitive answer on this subject and let you know that we do not intend to add this feature to our software as it has been tested in the past and it was found to easily circumvented to be realistically applicable. An instance of this is turning back the clock on the device to allow themselves more time to be on the internet and many companies such Apple & Samsung will not give us the level of control over their devices we need in order to mitigate such actions. Until the companies that build the phones and program the software will give us more direct access to their devices, features like this simply aren't possible at the moment.

Kind regards,

Zac Jones

Family Zone

Well thanks for the update. Please keep us posted if things change. I'm sure it's in Familyzone's interest to get this feature asap anyway.

Has FZ responded to the request for providing max hours per day of internet access? It seems from this forum that they were considering 3 years ago....

Also the report should show how long has been spent rather than the % of time spent in various activities?

Hi Zac. In regards to devices having their time changed to get around time spent online, this could easily be solved by keeping track of minutes per device. The data could be stored centrally on a familyzone server, on the device or even both. The time spent online per device should not rely on the actual time but purely on a count of minutes used compared to total minutes allocated.

What are the other problems that are holding this feature back?

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