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Control the online hours

The main reason I wanted to use FZ was so that I can control the total time that my teanager spends online daily.  I want to give her the freedom to choose when she goes online between 3pm and 9pm but I would like to restrict it to 1 hour for weekdays  I would also like to restrict weekends to 2 hours between 9am and 9pm.  She would have the freedom to chose to use as and when she wanted within the time zone but the minutes online would be restricted to 60.  Is that possible with FZ?

I suspect I will be seeking a refund if it isn't.  It can't see it being practical for me to only provide a couple of 1 hour timeslots on a Saturday. If I set it as 7am to 7pm (as currently recommended) for a relax day she will be on there for long periods as is her current habit when I'm not around to say something.

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Super keen to have have a max number of hours for the kids e.g.: 2 hrs per day with access between XXX and YYY

Hi Justin,

Accumulative time is a feature that has been requested by other customers and something we are hoping to implement in the future. For the time being, you can make the most of our routines and quick time change to facilitate any access changes.


Accumulative time is definitely what I need for my son - please can you advise where it is in your development planning as I'm currently on a trial and don't want to buy a subscription isf its not going to be available.

Thanks, Alison

Hi Alison,

At this point in time, we can tell you it is currently scheduled for next quarter.


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This feature is a must!  Great to hear it is coming out soon.  This feature will be so useful and will give the kids ownership of managing their online time.

Yeah I agree,  Just signed up for FZ with the router and thinking we will return it,   the ability to say hey you get 60 minutes each day is a must for me,   I don't want to manage when they do that time,   teaches them responsibility and management.

Looks like this request has been around for a year and still hasn't been implemented or with a set release date :( 

Hi Ben

I'm sorry to hear that the product doesn't do what you require. We do recognise that this feature would be very useful for parents as we have had many parents give us the same feedback, and I know our development team have been working on this feature for a future update, however, it requires a significant amount of behind the scenes work and we have no ETA for this features arrival but please be assured it is underway.

Thank you for your feedback and please let me know if there is anything more we can do for you.



Hi all, new to FZ and exploring Guides and Forums - I'd like to understand if the routine schedules defined on the Family Zone Portal (or using the Zone Manager app) apply when devices are connected to the FZ box only, or also when they are outside the FZ box wi-fi (3G/4G or public/friends' wi-fi)? As per question asked by Megan 5 months ago, what happens if my child decide to switch-off wi-fi at home (and use 3/4G instead), or when he has his phone outside of home - would internet access still be governed by the routine schedules?
PS: would also love the "accumulative" time feature - agree it would be great to let children learn how to manage their time.
Kind regards, PF


Hi Pierre-Francis,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us, with routines and schedules, if you do only have the FZ box, the routines will only be implemented whilst still connected to the FZ box. I've had a quick look at your account and I can see that you already have the Mobile Zone service. Using the Mobile Zone app will enable the routines to be implemented when the user is on any network, be it mobile data or wifi. If you were wanting to protect non-mobile devices in the home, such as T.Vs or gaming consoles we do recommend the FZ box itself.

As for the accumulative time feature, we don't have an exact ETA for its release, but it is underway for release.

If you do have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact us again

Have a lovely day


Hello I’m very new to FZ and still trying to work it all out- finding it quite confusing and time consuming . My question is about routines and access. If I’ve set up a routine and the time at the moment within the routine is set up with the book icon(study) shouldn’t the “game” apps on my child’s device not function?? Or if the current time shows the sleep icon shouldn’t all apps be inaccessible?? This is not the case.... the device is able to be used as if there were no restrictions set for it. What am I missing here?? I too second and third the request for accumulative time being a function-that the device stop working once a certain amount of time that has been set have been used up. If this isn’t available I probably will look for something else as this is very important in our household.

Hi Claudia

Thanks for your query. It will depend on what game apps your child is using. Because we filter the internet, if the game itself doesn't use any internet data, we cant stop it. If you can tell us the name of the app that is still in use, we can do some testing on it and see if its possible to control it. Sleep mode won't shut down access to the apps either, though this is something we are looking into. It means that no data will come in over the internet, so any apps that use the internet will be unable to function. I have let the developers know about the request for cumulative time, and I know its something that we want to add to the app, but I can't give an ETA on when it will be available, sorry. 


Hugh W

This feature is really what I was also wanting.  Perhaps as an interim while we are waiting for the full functionality, you could simply send a weekly report of the number of hours each app was used.  This will then give me the information I need for a conversation or even a punishment.

Hi Derek

Thanks for your feedback, I have passed this on to the developers. I know that improving reports is something they are looking at, and this may be something that they consider. 



I have just signed up today and am reading through this thread relating to accumulated time. That last post is over 3 months ago and I wonder if this feature has been developed as it was noted to be coming in the last quarter. I have not yet set up any devices and am in the learning phase so hoping for clarification if possible. Thanks Jo

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Hi Joanne,

Thank you for reaching out! We currently do not have an exact ETA for this feature as we need to make sure it will run properly and not interfere with any other of our features. It can be a long testing process, but we are definitely working on releasing it soon.



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