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Control the online hours

The main reason I wanted to use FZ was so that I can control the total time that my teanager spends online daily.  I want to give her the freedom to choose when she goes online between 3pm and 9pm but I would like to restrict it to 1 hour for weekdays  I would also like to restrict weekends to 2 hours between 9am and 9pm.  She would have the freedom to chose to use as and when she wanted within the time zone but the minutes online would be restricted to 60.  Is that possible with FZ?

I suspect I will be seeking a refund if it isn't.  It can't see it being practical for me to only provide a couple of 1 hour timeslots on a Saturday. If I set it as 7am to 7pm (as currently recommended) for a relax day she will be on there for long periods as is her current habit when I'm not around to say something.

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restriction of time during a day is a fantastic idea. given the limited number of profiles (school, play etc), the ability to restrict the amount of time allowed per day is brilliant.

So... in order to for this to be usable and not to generate much angst amongst the kids, a message on the about how much time is left is key. Just causing the connection to stop suddenly will have the kids coming to the parents complaining.

Hi Jacqui,

We encourage parents to talk with their children about their expected routines as Family Zone is implemented within the household. Through the Box, as you said they can check their access period through In terms of the App, kids can always check through here to see what access period is currently active.

I'd like to thank you for the feedback, and I've taken your suggestion to our developers.

Kind regards,

Roze K

Hi further to this thread.

The current routine profiles of 'school day, play day, relax day' are too broad and make it difficult (if not impossible) to handle changes in school days and holidays differently 

This particularly evident on a Friday, when the kids want to play early. The only way to fix the 'Friday' problem is grant special access, but this can be difficult when both parents works and the kids ask for special access when we are at work and not watching our private email. It needs to be able to be automated.

I suggest an option to have routine set on a Monday-Sunday, rather than categorising a day. If that is not possible, then a couple of custom categories that we could assign to a day. It would need to be able to have the ability to be named (e.g friday-school) and not just called custom1. A holiday category would also be a good idea.

Thus far, I like the basic implementation of this solution. however it needs more flexibility to assign routines to different days, and not be restricted by the routine definitions provided. The provided routines just can't deal with the myriad of requirements we have and need.

Hi Jacqui,

Thanks for the feedback.

The default Routines can be changed by clicking the spanner next to the day type so parents can make Routines personal. The current way we can make changes to the routine is through Quick Time Change. This has to be authorised by the parent, otherwise children would have the ability to alter this without parental permission. We will be adding more times to Quick Time Change in the near future.

Each child has a calendar made up of three current day types; School, Relax and Reward. Generally, Monday-Friday is School and Saturday-Sunday is Relax. We have given parents the option of Reward day as an additional day that can be used for days that require extra playtime or for extra-curricular activities.

Hopefully this provides with you the flexibility you need until we release some exciting new features.

Kind regards,

Roze K

I also originally understood that I could set a longer time period but restrict cumulative usage to 1 hour etc. I still enjoy FZ but believe it will be immensely more successful if this functionality could be developed.

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Hi Janice,

We've had quite a few customers asking for an accumulative time feature, and hopefully we will be able to implement it soon. I've added you to our list and will notify you when this is available.

Kind regards,

Roze K

Could there please be a mealtime section added? And a routine button also please? My daughter is at boarding school and is required to be at meals at a certain time. I have currently put all the routine time space as "study" time but would love a more thorough indication of what is actually happening during this time. Thanks so much.

Hi Tamara,

You can set the routines for each individual user in the Family Zone account. To understand what the different access periods are made up of, you can go to Cyber Safety and Controls on the left hand side. This will bring up Categories that explain what are allowed during those set times.

If you prefer, I can organise a callback that will help explain how controls and routines work. Just let me know a convenient time and day, and I'll send you an email with some more details.

Roze K

How disappointing! I am thoroughly underwhelmed ...

Hi Michael,

Could you please provide us more context as to why or what you are disappointed with? We like to ensure that every customer experience is a positive one and would like to help in any way we can.



I have just signed up and desperately am after the enhancement all these people want. ie internet access say 10am to 8pm up to a max of 2 hrs.  We all want our teenagers to be safe but they do need some flexibility and the option to make sensible decisions.

Could I please have an approximate time that this feature will be enabled.  From reviewing the forum it has been taken seriously for at least 9 mths so I am hopeful you can provide an approximate date.

Thanks in advance and thanks for such a great product, literally signed u an hour ago and I'm really impressed.

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I agree with Naomi. You said months ago that you would look into this feature. We have different routines every day so the kids want to go online at different times each day. After many arguments, I have just opened up the whole day for their internet access and am now back to telling them to get off like I was before we got FZ. The only advantage is that they don't have access at night (except on the phone, see below). Surely it wouldn't be too hard to add a feature allowing a maximum, cumulative time for internet use across the whole day. This is the absolute number one thing we need FZ for in our house.

Regarding the phone, we found that restricting internet access meant that it just switched to using its own phone provider data once FZ shut off. We were hit several times with bills from the phone company for going over the data limit. Now we just have the kids phones on unlimited FZ access, which also defeats the purpose. If there is any way of getting around this I'd be really interested.


Hi Megan,

Accumulative time is a feature that is currently on our roadmap, and would require a lot of development work. There are other features and products we are currently releasing that have been equally in high demand. At the moment, parents who are after a feature like this utilize our Quick Time Change option, which doesn't permanently alter the routine but still provides the flexibility they are after. I'd highly recommend using this as a starting point.

Megan, Family Zone works through two different products. The Family Zone Box goes through its own WiFi networks (that run through your ISP) and the Family Zone App will work on both WiFi and 3g/4g and it doesn't use extra data in order to work. If you could please refine your question and we will be able to help.


The accumulative time feature is what I was really looking for when I signed up. Disappointed that this isn't a feature. Hopefully it will be introduced soon.  Will definitely take out a paid subscription once this is available. 

Hi Kristie,

Thanks for the feedback, and we will certainly notify you when the feature is available.


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