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Intuitive Usage Activity


I really love the ability to manage my family's internet activity, however, the UX of the site is very average.

In particular the usage activity monitoring is fairly useless, e.g.: the charts and lists you provide aren't very helpful (perhaps the application name could be displayed rather than domain name in lists), and the date column in the list is truncated so I have no idea what time the activity was recorded.

Kind regards


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Hi Richard,

Thanks for your feedback.

Portal is something we are constantly working to improve. Specifically, our developers are working to make the usage reports more readable. At the moment they display what the domain or app requires in order for it to work, so it is understandable that these might be difficult to comprehend. Would you like us to notify you directly once the update is live?

If there is anything further you would like to add, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Roze K
Customer Support Officer
1300 398 326


Agree. Find the monitoring info not very helpful.  Would like to sites visited with names.  Like the apps list which is helpful but wouldn't worry a monthly subscription just fro that.  New at Family Zone and still exploring but believe this monitoring capability is still the same as was raised 3 months ago unless updated feature available.



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Hi Christopher

Thanks for the feedback

Family Zone is currently working on a new and more intuitive way for usage reports to be displayed to parents. It is undergoing development and we can't wait to share it with parents.

Unfortunately I can't give an exact date on when it will be released, as our development team is working on some exciting new features that the new usage reports will be apart of.

I hope to have good news for you shortly in regards to this matter.

As always, we are constantly looking to improve the platform and appreciate your feedback.

Kind Regards,

Ross K

Customer Support Leader

1300 398 326

Has there been any movement on this request? I have found some "interesting" search history on one of my children's iPads and I would really like to have a list of domains visited, and also, if possible, search engine results. Thanks guys!! Lee

Hi Lee,

Could you please email through to the interesting search history you are finding?

Have you looked through the usage area within the Portal?


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