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Identifying MAC addresses

A feature that would be useful would be a MAC address lookup to tell me who the manufacturer of the device is when FZ scans the network. When I connected the FZ device there were a lot of devices, tablets, laptops etc. It was difficult identifying these devices via the MAC address alone, especially on mobile devices that don't tell you the MAC address. I had to do an arp lookup to determine the MAC address once an IP was identified to then use a website to lookup who the manufacturer was to correlate the information in the FZ portal

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As a side note, using an app like Fing to identify devices on local network is handy. I use it to ID the MAC addresses of existing devices and then (manually, I'll add :/ ) name them with my kids names. It was also quite handy to use ( before FZ ) to tell if someone was connected to the network outside their allotted time.

Anyway, once you've got your devices identified on an app like Fing, it shouldn't be to hard to correlate manually with the FZ dashboard.

My $0.02, anyway :)


Hey Lee,

Thanks for your chat today. I passed on your feedback to the developers as discussed.

If you need anything else let me know. :)

Kind regards,

Roze K

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